Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why I love Librarians

When people hear that I used to be a librarian they are amazed. I don't fit into the normal realm of "librarian." My hair has been a variety of colors (from magenta to black) and my skirt length has ranged from nearly to my toes to barely covering my bum. My music listening is about as varied and I'm not exactly what one considers the "ssshhh" type (especially if you have seen me at our local Stitch n Bitch). Of course the people who are surprised are the ones who believe that all librarians are quiet, fussy, and proper. That is a facade that we put on for the public. Really. You should see librarians behind the scene. We are much more like the librarians in the video I'm about to share with you. We have a wicked since of humor and have been known to cut it up with the best of them.

A friend of mine tweeted this video and I just had to come share it with you. I hope it gives you a better understanding of what really makes up a librarian. This is not Music Man's Marian Librarian!


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