Thursday, June 3, 2010

10,000 words??

So I've been writing this series of short (short for me means less than 65,000 words) books. They are quick, fun and interesting (at least to my easily amused mind). 50,000 is my goal for each book. So I finished the third one (which is actually the second on in the series, but the third one I've written). I've read through it three times. It's a good story. It feels complete. But it is right at 40,000 words. I'm wondering if I should just leave it like that. I keep wondering what else there is to tell in this story. I don't even think I could get to 50K if I did all the NaNoWriMo word padding tricks. It's just a nice concise story.

I thought if I left it alone for a while and came back to it I would see what is missing, but after four months and spending the past three days reading it and re-reading it I am still at the same place. It amazes me how some books just won't quit babbling along and others I have to pull the words out one at a time. I guess I'm going to button this book up and leave it for a while. It isn't like it is going to be published anytime soon (I mean I'd have to get the first one published before I can get this one published) and I have two other books that are screaming to be written. OK, Universe. Are you trying to tell me something?

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