Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It seems as though these doldrums that I am in in regards to reading I have also fallen into in my knitting life. I have two projects OTN that I have so little interest in doing. They are going to be fantastic projects by the time I am done. People are going to ooh and ah over their brilliance and beauty, but intellectually they are just not stimulating enough for me to have this undying desire to get up every morning and knit. The first are the Hexagon socks. This is a marvelously wonderful creation of genius in construction. the entire sock is made out of nothing but hexagons, one worked on to the other until you have a sock. Some hexagons are stretchier than others (by design) so that they contract or stretch to accommodate things like heels, arches, and ankles. Made with self-striping yarns and they are just a delight. I have the foot and part of the leg done on one sock. It's going to be a fun sock in the end, but I can't convince myself to continue.

The other project is a sweater that I saw at Stitches South. It's from the Berroco Origami book (but I'm making it with a silk rayon blend instead). It has a gorgeous drape to it and is in a beautiful blue colorway that is going to look marvelous with the rest of my wardrobe. But it has become tedious as every other row is exactly the same. K1, P1, K1, P1 ad naseum. Then just to shake things up and make it interesting we are going to purl back. Yawn. Again, though, this had a unique construction and will make for a lovely sweater.

I'm looking for something that will at least inspire me. The worst thing is that I can't find that engaging pattern. I see lots of lovely patterns out there and have tons of gorgeous yarn (trust me on this one). I'm considering doing a Summit in a beautiful buttery yellow and mango lace weight yarn I was recently gifted or Maja in Malabrigo worsted. Both of these have "easy to remember" patterns which I am afraid will translate into "you will get bored half way through and want to pitch this project across the room where it can sit until the cats make it into a bed." I don't know what is stopping me from doing a full lace shawl. It's not like I don't have the yarn or the expertise. I just can't make myself do it. Maybe I'm afraid of committing. Maybe I'm afraid that it will disappoint me part way through.

I truly need a nice wind that will blow me out of my literary and knitting (knitterary?) doldrums.

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