Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I found in the library

Yesterday I finally made it back to the library after several weeks of not being able to go because of one thing or another. I love libraries. I used to be a librarian. Most of my adult work has been in one form or another with books (either lending them, ordering them, processing them, cataloging them or selling them and now writing them). The more time I spend writing and increasing my circle of wordy friends the smaller my "degrees of separation" become.

My friend Rachael Herron who wrote the book How to Write Love Song has been so cute (sorry Rachael, but cute is the best word to describe you) in her first book's publication. I've enjoyed watching her from the time she announced she had a contract until the book came out. I got to meet her at Stitches South in April and congratulate her and watch her being "goshed over" by her new following (which was where the word cute came from because it was just so gosh darn cute to watch her interact with all her readers). She squealed with delight when she found her book at Target stores (she's an up and coming author you know).

So I knew she would be thrilled to pieces to know that her book is available at the West Florida Regional Library and it looks like it has been checked out a few times to boot. Sorry the picture is a little blurry, there was a librarian scowling at me because I brought my cell phone out to take a picture. Those librarians.

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  1. Oh, I needed this. What a lovely post. And I love that it's been checked out a few times! Yay! Thank you. YOU are so cute. xo