Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy keyboard and a possible laptop

The past two days I have had a flurry of good writing going on. (Why does the inner editor in me go, "Gah! You ended your sentence with a preposition." Happens when you are writing in a teen's voice. So let's try that again.) The past two days I have had a flurry of really good writing happening. Yeah, I added a word. I have managed to get out over 9,500 words in the past two days of a new book that doesn't feel like crap. Amongst all the wordsmithing I also have run errands, gone to knit lunch, and remembered to eat. I'm very pleased with the way my writing has energized me this week. It's so much nicer than last week when I might as well have just sat at the computer and written the word crap again and again.

When we were at the office supply store today getting paper for the printer I went to the laptop display just to have a look. They had several nicer full laptops that were priced very economically. I had considered a Mac, but they are just so expensive and as nice and as sleek as they are I just can't justify it. Plus I told myself that a MacBook was going to be a gift to myself when my first book finally is published. I need something now though. I have also looked at the little netbooks as they are very affordable and quite cute and light weight. The only thing is that most of them don't have a CD or DVD option and while it isn't a deal breaker, I'd like to at least have that option. I think I am going to get a Toshiba, though. It's what Mr. KCW has almost always had and they seem to have held up through all he has put them through. The price is also very right (right at $400). So hopefully soon I will have a laptop and be able to escape to the coffee shop or bookstore or other retreat and be able to take my writing with me. It will save some frustration too as I can always type much faster than I can write and I loathe copying what I've written by hand into the computer. I've already written it once and that pesky little inner editor tries to fix things.

Oh, and for all you foodies: raspberries and Gruyere.

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