Saturday, June 12, 2010

The week of "Things You Should Know But You Do Anyway"

As a followup to yesterday, you will be relieved to know that I have found my three most important stories in their most current form (as I had sent them to a few friends to read) and I found most of several others. Three stories are still lost, although Mr. KCW thinks there may be a way to retrieve them. (He's awesome that way.)

I decided since it was my birthday I would reward myself by sending off a query letter to a potential agent. Now this is where you need to pay close attention. Before you send off a query letter make sure that the first sentence does not contain the phrase "agents who has." It was a stupid change in phrasing as I had started off saying "an agent who has" and then decided to make it plural (for some unknown ChocoVine induced reason). And I sent it with that error. Now if I were an agent who received a letter with a stupid subject/verb disagreement I would circle file that letter (or in the case of modern agents hit the delete key) quicker than I could blink. And the sad thing is this agent looks like she would be a perfect match based on the authors she already represents. Sort of one of those "Oh she would be perfect." Meanwhile I look perfectly inept. (sigh) Chalk it up to AFGO.

What have I learned from this mistake? 1. Google doesn't grammar check and I should really run things through Word just to catch the obvious before sending something out. 2. I guess even one sip of ChocoVine is too much if you want to sound like the word author should be anywhere near your own name. 3. ChocoVine is really really good.

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