Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When you want to write

I've been in a writing frenzy lately. It feels good to sit and let the words flow from my fingertips. The problem is that life keeps getting in the way. It is frustrating to have an idea that is playing in your head and the desire to write and be in a place or activity where it would be inappropriate or inconvenient. I've been playing around with ways to try to get around this problem, but it doesn't always lend itself well.

I always have a notebook and pen(s) with me so writing by hand is sometimes an option (It's hard to do when one is driving or knitting.) I've been known to whip out a notebook in a cafe or bookstore and start making notes. I've even typed on my phone's notebook a few times. Although it is pretty funny to look up at what you have written only to realize that you forgot to take the "function key" off lock and your writing looks a whole lot like: "37 &)_ 8265+ (&2-) ;_)*=-=" I've toyed with using my phone's voice recorder for when I am in the car. I wouldn't look more unusual that I already do because I tend to be talking to myself or singing with the radio anyway.

The hardest thing for me is when I get one of those wonderful "ah-ha moments" and I can't write it down or get a note of it going. The worst part is that I tend to lose focus on what I am doing (usually it is listening to someone talking) and then I feel I've put everything in a sinking hole. I've ignored the person I'm listening to and I most likely will lose the thought that I had. It's almost as bad as having to recreate pages that you forgot to save or that you lost.

And then you have days like to day. You know that you should be going to the bank, the post office, the library and the recycling center, but your heart just wants to write. Maybe I can save the library for tomorrow.

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