Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Off to the library without a clue in the world

OK, I do have a clue as to why I'm going there. I have a Mission. My son has been reading a series of books and our library owned the 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the series but not the 3rd. Odd that. Or maybe they did at some point and it got lost or damaged (I will refrain from accusing someone of stealing it.) My son really wanted to finish this series so instead of waiting for Inter Library Loan (of which I am a frequent user) I bought him the book. But, sweet kid that he is, we aren't keeping the book but donating it to the library to make the collection complete. I spoke with a librarian last week about this only to discover that the library has lost almost all of its acquisition funding. (I'll give you all a minute to mourn.)


I asked if the library took donations and explained the gap in the series. The librarian was thrilled that my son would want to donate a book to make up for the missing one in the series. So we are headed off in a bit to donate said book and pick up the fourth in the series.

But why do I not have a clue? I'm in one of those lost periods of reading. I have floundered around trying to find something to read and nothing I pick up is drawing me in. I'm finding nothing engrossing enough that I want to read the entire book. I have three books by my bed, all partially read, all left because the plot was predictable, the characters depressing or the writing just simply bad. I'd love to know what recent books you have all read recently that have enriched your reading lives. I love libraries, but I hate wandering around aimlessly looking at book covers, reading synopses and hoping that "this is the one." Suggestions?


  1. The Dosadi Experiment by Frank Herbert. I like science fiction and philosophy mixed together.

  2. I'm re-reading the older Patricia Cornwell books as I'm in the reading doldrums too for some reason. Check out a book I'd normally find interesting, start reading, flip to the back to read the last chapter and just can't care enough to finish it. You've made me feel a lot better to see it's not just me.