Friday, July 6, 2012

Starting over!

After a long period of dealing with insurance agents, contractors and pest control people we are finally starting fresh on the room.  We had several people come out and look the place over to give us bids on the room.  Out of the four contractors who came, one said it was too big of a job for him, one gave us a bid, one never even bothered to get back to us and the fourth contacted us a week after he said he would to give us a bid on the day we had the one contractor start the job.  It is kind of exciting to begin this project. 

We decided to ditch three of the windows in the room to allow for more wall space (ok, more storage space for all the yarn, fabric, and paper crafting that is going to go on in this room).  It will make the room a tad darker, but not so horridly so that it won't be liveable.  We are going to have ceramic tile laid on the floors and there will be new exterior siding.  I've chosen a slate blue-gray color for the outside siding.  It's not as blue as I had wanted, but it will do. 

For the inside walls I'm thinking of a light gray.  We've fought over several shades.  Some are too blue, some too brown, some too green, some too yellow, some too dark, some too light.  I keep reminding myself that it is just paint and if I don't like it I can easily repaint.  Perhaps I should go fabric shopping instead and find curtain material that I like. 

Yesterday's progress included tearing out an entire wall and putting up some new studs.  It was so weird to see my azalea bushes through the walls and then have everything boarded up again.  They got the remainder of the sheetrock down the insulation out (they used their hands and no shirts or face masks - ew!) Today they stripped off the popcorn ceiling and finished removing part of a wall.  There wasn't much they could do today as we are having torrential rains and thunderstorms.  Isn't the lovely yellow dumpster great?  I love having construction stuff all over my yard.

I keep reminding myself that this will be a fabulous creating space when it is done.  I just have to get through this.

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