Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Back to some real life blogging and trying not to think about how messy my house is.  Today's Ten on Tuesday (topic supplied by Carole at Carole Knits) is 10 Everyday Things that Make You Happy. 

1. Cereal and milk for breakfast.  I'm not even very picky about what kind of cereal.  I like everything from Shredded Wheat to Fruit Loops.  But the milk must be Fat Free.  Anything else just tastes like cream

2. Tea. Preferably black with caffeine.  Although a lovely herbal tea with mint or orange or berries or lemon is nice too. 

3.  Merino yarn.  Now for most people they wouldn't see this as an everyday thing, but in my family this is something that gets touched and worked on nearly a daily basis, so it fits well into this category.

4. Books. See number 3. Words are one of those things that just brings such delight in my life.  A good book truly makes me happy.

5. A kitten sitting on my lap.  I have a new kitten.  Her name is Katy.  Actually her full name is Katelyn Elisabeth and she gets called both Katy and Buffy.  She answers to neither, so it doesn't matter much what she gets called.  But she is small and black and purrs loudly and often and brings me great happiness when she is curled up on my lap sleeping (and not eating my yarn).

6.  My Dansko shoes.  I love my Danskos.  They are comfortable and keep my feet happy when I'm working.

7.  Birds at my bird feeder.  I enjoy seeing the different birds that visit my feeder each day.  Anything from little tufted titmouses (titmice?) to the common Brewer's blackbirds.  My Petereson's guide helps me identify some of the rarer birds.

8.  Seeing one of my friends game alerts on my cell phone.  Whether it is playing Words with Friends with JollyPyrate or Draw Something with my friend Erin.  It's a happy little chime that reminds me that I have friends and they are taking time out of their days to think about me.

9. Mail in my box.  There is nothing more heartwarming than opening the mail box (that real one out by the street that the postman drives to and delivers stamped envelopes) and finding a hand penned envelope addressed to me containing a little card or snippet of something cheery.

10. Someone doing the dishes without being asked.  Or any household chore actually.  A load of laundry or picking up the living room or sweeping the floor.  It's nice to have one less thing to worry about and know that someone else did it for me.

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