Thursday, July 19, 2012


The tile is in.  Although I'm a bit confused about the walls.  They don't look "finished" to me.  I can still see some of the sheetrock and definitely can see the tape over the seams as well as the putty covering nail holes.  Is this right?  I can feel that there is some texturing to the walls, but it doesn't seem very thick and I'm concerned about painting or even priming over what is there.  But the floors look fantastic.  I'm in love with them so much.  I can't wait to have the baseboards installed and get in there to paint. 

Of course it is raining which means it could be a few days before we can get in there.  I don't know how long the weather is going to keep holding things up.  The contractor has been running an industrial fan in the room for the past few days while it has been raining so hopefully that will help things dry out quicker. Why do I have to keep waiting?

In knitting news I think I have decided to make Heatherly Walker's Threnody as my Olympic event project.  I've got some lovely Sweet Georgia Yarns' Merino Silk which is a heavier fingering/sport weight yarn.  The colorway is Oxblood.  Very nice pattern with a very nice yarn.  It will be gorgeous and fun.  I may even plan my fall wardrobe around this piece.  I guess I should start preparing by doing a gauge swatch and get the yarn wound. 

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