Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moving right along

Inside walls
Despite the rain things are really starting to come together.  They finally finished framing and got the windows installed.  The outside sheeting has been put on and some of the siding.  Yesterday Dan was able to get into the room to get all the wiring run, but today is the "how to get the room wired day." They are also putting in the insulation and finishing up the outside siding.  Then there is taping and texturing and blowing in the ceiling. 

Outside walls
We've decided that we are going to do the flooring ourselves.  I guess that means we have to take one of those Home Depot courses so we can know what we are doing.  It will mean a huge savings in the budget and it will be good practice for when we want to put the new flooring in the kitchen and dining room area.  The good news in that is your getting to read all about the trials and tribulations of that experience. 

Meanwhile I am going stir crazy to create.  The knitting project I have on the needles, while relaxing and mindless, is not allowing my creativity to be used.  I have this desire to sew or do some big baking project or work on my book.  Even my computer has temporarily been packed as my desk is directly under the access to the attic and needed to be taken down. 

Look a wire thingy
I've been doing a bit of helping out.  Yesterday I had to look for wires coming through the wall.  It was quite fun except for standing on a rickety ladder with nothing to hold onto and having to hold my iPhone up with one hand so I could see when the feed was coming through.  I felt pretty proud of myself that I didn't fall off the ladder.  Although that would have made for a more interesting blog entry. 

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