Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Decisions decisions

Each time I think I have made the final decision concerning the room I find that there is yet one more decision to make.  What more does one need to decide on other than windows, texture, curtains, paint, and tile?  Oh yeah grout.  There are about 30 different shades of grout for tile. Five different shades of grey and white isn't always white.  I chose Dolorean Grey.  I'm half tempted to scribble OUTATIME in the grout somewhere just because I am weird that way. 

The next thing I had to decide on was lighting.  UGH. Isn't it enough that I decided on the white light switches?  Now you want me to actually pick out lighting to go with them?  I'm almost at that point where I don't care what goes in the room as long as it gets done.  But being the dutiful (read: Gemini) person that I am I took myself around and looked at lighting.  I am considering that the ugly combination ceiling fan and light fixture should be replaced with yet another set of ceiling fan and light fixtures only because that room doesn't stay the coolest in the summer.  Although who knows, now that it has all new insulation and the windows and doors are set correctly it might not be half bad, but I would hate to pick out some really cool lights and then later find that I wish I had chosen fans instead.  I really like that white lotus blossom light above, but I don't think it is going to be neither practical nor bright enough for the room.  This fan to the right is a bit more practical and has the look I'm sort of looking for.  I'm thinking of adding in some track lighting where my desk will be but haven't decided if I like this sort of track lighting or if I am going to go with a simple lamp on the desk. I suppose I should have thought of that when Dan was doing the electric wiring. 

In other news I have found that I can do some writing editing while sitting on the couch.  While not ideal it is working for now and it feels good to be writing again.  Ideas for my next book are twirling around in my head and I think I have the main plot worked out. 

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  1. OOOOHHHH!!! I found a double negative!!!! Don't and neither, nor in the same sentence.....And you are going to wish you had the fan!!!