Thursday, July 9, 2015

Revisiting Project 333

I love Project 333. It really works for me. For those who are unfamiliar, Project 333 is a wardrobe minimalist experience. I wouldn't call it an experiment as the object is to make it a permanent part of your life, not something to dabble in. It has made me much more aware of my clothes, what I like to wear, and how it all fits together so that a wardrobe made out of 33 pieces each season makes far more than 33 outfits. If you want to know more about Project 333 follow the link.

The problem with me and Project 333 right now is that I have two daughters who work in the fashion industry. They are constantly coming home saying, "Oh, we have the Soft and Sexy t-shirts on sale right now. You should come try them out." Or "I know you've been looking for a navy skirt. We just got some in today." So this summer my wardrobe has looked more like 345. BUT (and that is a huge but) I realized the other day that I really don't wear all that is currently crammed in my closet and drawers. For instance I have a black skirt which should really reside in my costume trunk rather than my closet. I have two sets of salwar and kameez that I never wear anymore even though I find them extremely comfortable. I need to decide whether to wear them more or to pass them on to someone else. I have a brand new black lace dress that I bought three years ago and have yet to wear. It still has tags on it. I consider time to time of getting rid of it, but then I think that I might need it for ... a funeral?

And let's talk shoes. I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Most days it's ok, but some days it really annoys me. I have certain shoes that are better for it than others. Yet I have shoes that I keep hanging on to even though I haven't worn them since moving to Ohio. (Did I mention that I moved to Ohio? Yep, over two years ago.) I'm not sure why I am holding on so firmly to my pink Converses that have collected dust. I will admit that I own three pair of the same shoes. There's a reason for that. Two pair are still in boxes.  I bought them on clearance because I love this pair of shoes and when the current pair I'm wearing finally give out and need replacing, I don't have to search all over the world for another pair that will fit and wear like the current pair. I bought the first pair and they fit very nicely. The next time I went to the same store they had moved the shoes to clearance and they were half the price I paid for them. I decided to buy a second pair for when the first pair died. Then a few months later the store had marked them down so that I only paid $10 for a pair of $80 shoes. (I didn't pay $80 for the first pair - they were on sale and I had a coupon so they were around $50 and the second pair were $25, so for the price of one pair of shoes I got three and they are well made shoes that go with a lot in my wardrobe.)

Anyway, I have some pairing down to do and need to get back to a very functioning 33 piece wardrobe. Some things are going to have to suffer the humiliation of being sent to resale or thrift stores.

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