Thursday, July 2, 2015

Holy Cow! She lives!

No; I didn't die. Not even close. I've been busy with life, work, vacations, and not doing too much knitting, writing, or interesting cooking. (So sad, I know). What I have learned in the past fourteen months is that when I don't blog I don't write (or knit or cook too many interesting things), so I'm back to blogging. It's a motivator for me, so I'm doing it.

What have I knit in the past year? Not a whole freaking lot. Seriously. I think I made a dishcloth, a hat, and a pair of socks. I've got another pair on the needles, but really want to knit a light weight cardigan for this autumn. I have the yarn. I have the needles. I even have the pattern. Now I need the gumption.

What have I written in the past year? Even less. I dabbled a bit on one of my knitting romance books, but haven't gotten too far. I had a few nibbles from agents, but nothing more than fifty page requests and polite no thank you's. (Can't decide if that apostrophe should be there but yous looked wrong as well.) And then Charlotte (my laptop) finally bit the dust (thank you universe for cloud back up). I have a new laptop now. A shiny Mac named Elliot. It's been a steep learning curve, but we are getting there. I still want to take a class at my local Mac store, but haven't found one that matches up with my wonky work schedule.

The work schedule has definitely changed. I was promoted to a Children's Lead position at the bookstore and am loving it, but I have a rotating three week schedule that makes planning things a bit of a challenge, but we are making it work. It does mean that I get a full weekend off every three weeks which is really nice. And I love introducing children to good books.

As far as cooking goes the most interesting thing I have made recently would have to be Fruit Loops and milk. OK, it hasn't been that horrible, but shopping has become so rote that there is nothing to write about. About as interesting as Fruit Loops and milk.

So here we go. I've brushed off the blog, dusted in the corners, and am all set to give this another go. Hopefully we will get somewhere.

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