Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Love Songs Edition

Love songs.  Le sigh! Love songs are old.  They date back to, well, a really long time.  The Greeks and Romans wrote love songs to their lovers.  Unfortunately, they didn't have a good way of recording or notating their music, so we don't know the melodies, but we have some of the words left behind as poetry.  The Song of Solomon is one big love song written almost one thousand years ago.  In fact Solomon apparently loved to write love songs.  The French troubadours went around singing their little love ditties (and probably breaking hearts everywhere they went).  Sort of like medieval Beatles. 

Most of the love songs I love are fairly old as well, although not as old as Solomon or the troubadours.  I just don't have many current songs on my list of ten favorite love songs. So brace yourself, you are heading to Retroville:

1. Michelle by the Beatles (Hey, if my spouse had Paul McCartney sing Michelle to me I would be so thrilled!)
2. As my Guitar Gently Weeps (the Beatles)
3. In My Life (yep the Beatles again)
4. And I Love Her (Do you see a theme here?)
5. Love Me Tender (Elvis, although Norah Jones' cover of it was very good too)
6. Only Fools Rush In (Elvis)
7. Don't (Elvis - can't you just imagine those words being pleaded in your ear :shiver:)
8. When I fall in Love (Nat King Cole - I also like Linda Ronstadt's version is good, too)
9. Have I told you Lately that I Love You (Van Morrison version, although Rod Stewart will do in a pinch)
10. Anything for You (Ludo - hey, it's from this century - even this decade!)


  1. Great list. You can't go wrong with Elvis and The Beatles. This list was tough for me...too many to choose from.

  2. You have exceptional taste in music - we could definitely road trip together, that's for sure... lol.