Saturday, August 15, 2009


Admit it you've all done it. Perhaps you've never heard the term before, but you've done it. Procrastiknitting. What is procrastiknitting? It's that project that you want or need to complete but there is something (usually small) that is keeping you from finishing it. For instance, I have a Clapotis that I started quite some time ago. It's been sitting in its project bag for several months because I messed up on one row. Yes; one row. I just need to back out one row. Actually it may not even be an entire row. It may just be a few stitches, but I just don't want to deal with it, so as much as I really want to finish this love orange and pink wrap, I can't get past this procrastiknitting. I've been procrastiknitting on a pair of socks that I am making for a friend (we are trading pottery for knit goods) because I am bored with the pattern. It's near drudgery to work on because the pattern is too familiar.

I know that when I have to do something that is all stockinette or garter stitch that I yawn and tend to procrastiknit. Sure, I can do it with my eyes closed (and I have), but it doesn't engage my brain enough so it isn't something I want to do so it gets procrastiknitted. Projects that I have to do as samples for my classes get procrastiknitted until I am approaching the deadline and then I finally pull them out and get them done. I also will procrastiknit if I have a pattern that doesn't make any sense the first few readings through and end up throwing it in a pile to deal with later.

Just like mundane procrastinating, I know I shouldn't with my knitting as well. However, there is no solution other than to just get up and do it. So why are you reading this blog? I'm sure that there are some knitting projects that you are procrastiknitting finishing. So go do it. Go pick them up and finish those projects. Meanwhile I found this new sock pattern I'm going to go cast on.

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