Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Writing Prompts

Some days I just get stuck. I can't figure out the next sentence much less the next word. I may know where I want my character to go, but I just can't figure out the correct words to get the plot going again. That's when I turn to writing prompts. I have two that I like to turn to as they have short little writing prompts that sometimes jolt my thinking even if I don't complete the exercises. The first is called (the very unoriginal) Creative Writing Prompts. These are quick little exercises and you don't even have to click on them. Just hover your mouse over a number (pick one randomly) and the writing prompt will come up in a little speech bubble. The other is Meredith Sue Willis' writing website/blog. There are around one hundred fifty different exercises. Some of them are helpful some aren't. I do like that she will have you write about a picture. You can describe what you see or the emotions you feel from looking at it. Sometimes there is action to write about while other times it is still life. This is very helpful to me because there are times that I will have an image in my head that I am having a hard time putting down on paper.

It's tough when you get stuck. I'm not always sure what is worse; staring at a white screen with a little cursor blinking at you demanding that you type something or to be somewhere when you can't write but your characters are demanding that you do.

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