Friday, March 7, 2014

Book review: Pack up the Moon by Rachael Herron

Go buy this book now. Seriously. It is that good. I laughed, I wept, I nodded in understanding. Rachael has once again written a book with such compelling characters that I feel I really know them. I may not like all of them, but I know them. They are real people with real emotions living real lives with real hurts and real joys.

I was intrigued with the first chapter. By the time I got to the sixth chapter I toyed with resigning from my job or calling in sick (which would have been a real theatrical act considering I was in the store reading by the time I got to said sixth chapter) so that I could curl up in bed and finish the book that night. I stayed up reading until two in the morning when my eyes wouldn't let me read any further. On Wednesday I had to put the book down for fear of crying myself to sleep. Oh how I ached for these people. Finally last night I forced myself to pick up the book and finish reading it. I am so glad that I did. I wouldn't say it was a happily ever after because there are few happily ever afters in the world. Not truly. I would say that this book ends in a contentedly ever after, but with more understanding and more love in their lives. And that's what we should hope for. Contentment surrounded by love.

So what is this story about you ask? The story is truly about heartache. The worst heartache a parent could have, the loss of a child. For Kate it was the loss of two children. For Nolan it was so much more, even when he didn't realize it. For Pree it was letting go of childhood and having to be an adult. But for these three people it was also a story of acceptance and forgiveness. I don't really want to tell you anymore than that. To do so would be to unfold the story before you had read it. This is a book that needs to slowly bloom and let you see the beauty bit by bit rather than throwing it open like a bed sheet, unfurling the plot and waving it around.

I can't wait for Rachael to write some more books. In the meantime I have this yearning desire to dye my hair blue. Or maybe just a few curls. 

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