Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy few weeks

My Olympic challenge was to make a lace shawl in the 16 days that the Olympics were taking place.  And I did it with time to spare.  I also managed since my last post to finish my Clapotis which is very lovely and drapes nicely.  And I'm currently test knitting a pattern for a pair of socks for someone.  It's going well and shouldn't take me long. 

I'm settling well into my new creation station (which still doesn't have a name other than the old sun room or the new room place) except I'm having issues with Daughter Number One invading it and leaving her crap stuff all over my place.  She cleaned her room earlier this year so she could create it in and slowly all of her crap stuff is invading my space.  I don't mind so much that she creates in here, I just wish she would pick up her stuff and put it away when she is done so that when I get up and want to create I have somewhere to do that.  Meanwhile she is adding lots of new things to her Etsy shop that are fun and creative. I love that she is so creative.  I just don't love the mess she leaves behind.  It's my space yet I can't use it with her things all over the place. 

My biggest "time suck" has been work.  I am not complaining.  I'm enjoying it and have been training for a potential new position.  (Everyone keep your fingers crossed.)  It's been fun learning new things and interacting with different people.  I'm hoping something becomes more permanent with this position in the next week or so.  I hate sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen.  I'm also not working in that department all the time, just sporadically so there are times when I feel like I am not getting anything accomplished as I will work there for two days and then get uprooted and thrown into a totally different department and lose the momentum I had a particular project.  By the time I get back there I have to back track to get things situated so I can go back to working on what I had been.  And there are projects that I know need to get done but because I am not there all the time to do them and the people who step into that department after me don't see me as an authority figure the notes that I leave are not being paid attention to so stuff just doesn't get done.

It's sort of like walking into your craft space and finding that other people have created in it and left it a mess.

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