Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 on Tuesday: Knitting Schedule!

Carole's list for this week is to list the ten things on your knitting list this fall and winter.  Woo hoo! Knitting gets me back to blogging.  (That and a semi-sane work schedule.)  So here they are:

1. Finish the green summer sweater so I can wear it next spring.
2. Finish the six, oops, I mean seven, pair of socks that are all mate-less or still OTN (I figured it was less annoying to lump them together than to list them individually)
3. Finish the Pea Vines shawl
4. Make a pair of magnificent socks by Anna Zilboorg now that I know how
5. Knit a pink ruffly bra for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in October (link is how you can support me)
6. Knit up the lovely pumpkin wool and silk I bought at Stitches into some sort of cardigan
7. Knit hats, scarves and mittens for Sylvia's Place
8. Knit on super secret project for super secret friend who is going through a very difficult time
9. Knit Something Wicked with the acid green lace weight yarn
10. Knit the grandlet a new winter sweater


  1. I love that you grouped your orphan socks together :-) There might be a few, or 6, of them that live at my house too :-) Happy knitting!

  2. Knitting sounds like fun! Isn't it great the many things you can create with two needles and yarn? ;)


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