Monday, May 24, 2010

Not feeling like a failure and failing in the kitchen

(Note: That is not my stove or I would not be this calm)

After going through my collection of query letters (and corresponding rejects) I realized I don't feel like a failure. Most of my rejects were your standard "Dear Author that I didn't even take time to fill in your name because this is a form letter and if you don't think it is then you fooling yourself, We may or may not have looked at your submission but we didn't like your name (the one we didn't bother to type above) so good luck (and get a new name). Sincerely, Random Agent." A few actually used my name and two actually gave me some decent feedback on what they were or were not looking for. Those are the ones that I look at most as they are reminder that someone out there at least took the time to look past my name. And It has been just slightly more than a year since I started down the "Let's see if I can be published road." So not bad. And it has given me time to take a second (and third and fourth) look at my writing and decide where it needs work. The biggest failing on my trilogy (my beloved trilogy that I have endeavoured over and even if it is never published will remain my favorite story) was a proper name. I never could find a good name for my books and then yesterday it all came to me what these books were called and voila! it feels more finished now. It's amazing how a book can change when it has a proper title (or rather how three books can change when they have proper titles).

As for the exploding kitchen. Let's just say that the text to Mr. KCW today read, "Dinner is homemade bread and whatever you kill and bring home." The oven works fine. The stove is setting itself up to be shot at sunrise. I'm wondering if I take my stove out the front door and push it down the driveway (I have a long steep driveway) and it crashed in the middle of the street if Mr. KCW would get the hint that I am not happy with the inadequate cooking appliance in the kitchen. I'd be happy if I had at least one large burner on which I could boil a pot of water, but NOOOOOooOOOOO! Stupid large burners are non-functioning (again) and one had the gall to explode and catch on fire (although not as lovely and dramatic as the picture above). Some days the front one works and some days it doesn't. Mostly it doesn't. And mostly I yell at it. I'm down to heating vegetables and cooking ramen. Both which I can do in the microwave. Oh and I can make a white sauce. Looks like we are going to have lots of ramen this week.

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  1. If you ever need a submission process buddy, you know I'm here, right?

    No. Let me rephrase that.

    I need a submission process buddy. I've been not so great on sending scripts to theatres.